United Suffolk Sheep Association
United Suffolk Sheep Association
  1 Deadline to pay USSA Membership dues at lower rate AND be included in the USSA Directory!
  6-7 Illini Spring Sale – www.bannersheepmagazine.com
  7 Slacks Formula of Champions Sale, Whitely Co. Fairgrounds, Columbia City, IN – www.slacksuffolks.com,
Sale on: www.waltonwebcasting.com
  7 California Ram Sale, Potterville Fairgrounds, Potterville, CA – www.cawoolgrowers.org/sale/ramsale.html
  17 Northern Exposure Livestock (Suffolks, Hamps & Southdowns) – www.wlivestock.com
  24 The Show Stoppers (Skartvedt, Slack, McClure) – www.wlivestock.com
  25 Stars of the North Sale – www.wlivestock.com
  26 USSA Online Sale – www.wlivestock.com – Entries open to USSA and UJSSA members!
  29 Mountain Range Midwest Plains Sale (Ruby Mountain & Hoskins) – www.wlivestock.com
  29 MacCauley Suffolks Online Sale – www.wlivestock.com
  1 Quam Suffolks, Hamps & Southdowns Online Sale –www.wlivestock.com
  5 Kimm Suffolks Production Sale, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA -5:30pm – www.breedingsheeppage.com/kimm/ – Sale on: www.dvauction.com
  8 Double L Livestock Online Sale –www.wlivestock.com
  10-12 Big Ohio Sale Weekend, Eaton, OH – www.bannersheepmagazine.com
  22 USSA Online Sale – www.wlivestock.com – Entries open to USSA and UJSSA members!
  25-26 Great Lakes Show & Sale, Wooster, OH – www.bannersheepmagazine.com
  31- June 1 Nugget All American Show & Sale, Sparks, NV –www.wlivestock.com
  1 National Junior Suffolk Show Entries Due
  3 MacCauley Suffolks Online Sale –www.wlivestock.com
  25-30 National Suffolk Sale, in conjunction with the Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Sedalia, MO – www.midwestsale.com
  5-8 National Junior Suffolk Show, Lebanon, IN – www.ujssa.org
  1 DEADLINE: Intent to run for USSA Board of Directors



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