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Mil-Sid 1604 Yearling Ram For Sale
Posted 12/5/17
For Sale- Mil-Sid 1604 yearling ram: sired by Mil-Sid 1003 “Trip-Bute” 2012 National Champion Ram,
1604 was 2nd Yearling Ram & Best Headed Suffolk ram at Louisville in 2017
His breed type is spot on, he’s as straight down his top as you can make one, super square hipped, big ribbed, plenty of bone, He’s a Stud Buck!
I’ll be more than willing to winter him over and deliver him to Ohio Sale in May.
Mil-Sid Farm, Josh Miller: 518-231-8113  millers@midtel.net
For Sale

Suffolk Ewe Lambs For Sale
Posted 11/5/17
We are offering 8 high quality Feb. ewe lambs for sale.
These females are very correct with a lot of meat down their tops and in their legs. They are easy fleshing with a lot of spring of rib and nice bone.
They have nice frame but are not extreme. These are the kind of sheep that know how to work and milk. All of them are RR but one. Most of them are sired by our own rams and by a Kimm ram. 2 of them are triplets, 5 are twins and 1 single.
You can pick for $750.
Find us on Facebook at Ulrich Sheep.
Look at the group pictures and give us a call.
Steve Ulrich Eureka, IL 309-467-4707


Flock For Sale
Posted 10/20/17
Due to health problems, flock for sale.
Yearlings to 4 year olds.
All raised lambs last spring.
10 ewe lambs never been with a ram
Breeding rams used for this fall:
Corson 15-13-7-24 - A Ruby Mountain "Double Lucky" son.
- Stood 2nd at the Iowa State Fair.
Bierle 1509 OR- Luxford 1404B top side
- goes back to CV's Promise on bottom side.
KC Suffolks "Dynamite" Sr. Champion Ram NAILE 2016
KC Suffolks "Carter" son - AI Spectacular son
All the sheep go back to our Grand Champion Ram at NAILE, "C.V.'s Promise", in 2003.
High End Suffolks Ewe’s that have been running with High End Ram’s.
Everything on the farm is RRNN with papers.
Bierle Suffolks Creston, Iowa
Call for questions: Cheryl 641-344-2462, Dalten 641-278-6533

Corson son
Born: 2-18-15
Raised by Bierle Suffolks
Born: 2-23-15

Some of our high end Ewes bred to our high end Ram’s.
They have been exposed for 3 weeks.
Asking $400 and Up

High End Ewe Lambs - Born 2017
Asking $300
Suffolk Ram For Sale
Posted 10/2/17
We have a small flock and he is too closely "related" to continue breeding.
He is beautiful, has great hooves, has been very healthy, as has his offspring.
He has placed well (1st) at our local fai, as did his ram offspring (1st).
We are located near Gettysburg, PA
Contact me for further information:
Pennysica@gmail.com or 240-529-8684
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Rams For Sale
Posted 9/1/17
Senior Champion Ram (1st place Fall Ram) at 2016 NAILE. Champion fall ram Iowa State Fair. Kenny Capron, KC Suffolks, Iowa. 319.231.4497

Stud Ram For Sale
Posted 8/31/17
Stud Ram For Sale: 3 yr old Registered Suffolk Ram from Double L Livestock - Delta UT, RRNN. I bought him as a yearling on Larry Pauley’s online sale in 2015. Massive, deep-bodied, big-boned, stands great on his feet and legs and has square rump(slick-shear pic shows that well). He has held up great, looks just as good or better than the day I bought him. I have used him 2 years and have kept many ewes out of him. The picture of him on the walker was the picture from the online sale when purchased. The next picture is of him slick-sheared at 2 1/2 yrs old.

Also have some January ram lambs sired by him for sale (see pictures).

Can deliver to Sheep & Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI on Sept 8-10

Arnevik Suffolks
Corinne Arnevik-Hansen
Cameron, WI

Please email, call or text Corinne for prices, more info and more pictures.

For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale

For Sale: 10 January and February ewe lambs
Posted 8/28/17
For Sale: 10 January and February ewe lambs. Have NSIP numbers. Available mid September when they come off our parasite resistance test. Open or bred to your choice of ours flock sires. They are moderate framed, easy fleshing and heavy muscled. They have been running on grass since July 10th with 3/4 pound of DDGS and mineral. They have never been de-wormed and won't until the trial is over. Most Suffolk lambs can't handle what these girls are selected to do. Many sired by VA Tech N221 (leased proven ram) and MSU 3173 (we sold him to VA Tech recently).

Dry Sandy Sheep Co.

Also 20 mature Ewes with NSIP data.

For Sale
Suffolk Flock For Sale
Posted 8/25/17
2 yr old stud Ram - Slack bred
2 ram lambs 6 ewes 2-3 yrs old- some bred for November lambs.
2 ewe lambs.
This would be a great starter flock for someone.
25 yrs of breeding.
Call: 509-682-2987
Orchard Hollow Suffolk's
For Sale

FOR SALE:  2 Suffolk Ram Lambs
Posted 8/24/17
Reasonably priced.
Placed 2nd and 3rd in class and 2nd pair of rams at the Illinois State Fair.
John Corson, Corson Suffolks, Illinois 

February RR/NN Ram Lambs For Sale
Posted 7/20/17
Sired by MacCauley 3482 RR/ NN who was the champion ram at
the 2017 PA Farm Show junior show and by Tom Slack 5203 RR/NN
champion Suffolk wether ram at sedalia in 2016 & reserve champion
ram in the open show @ the 2017 PA Farm Show.
Prices start at $400.
Please visit our website for more pictures of the ram lambs and their sires. bluesprucesuffolks.com
Please contact us at:
717-484-4762 or jrbollinger@dejazzd.com




Rams For Sale
Posted 7/13/17
$750 - Ram born a twin on 1/2015.
Serviced my ewes well last season.
Breeder was Macqueen.
Has MacCauley and Slack genetics

March 2017 Ram Lamb - $250
Genetics include Kimm, Macqueen and MacCauley

Ted Williams, Abel’s Legacy Farm
Dickson, TN


For Sale: Proven Performance NSIP Ram, 15 Ewe Lambs, 30 Ewes
Posted 7/3/17
For Sale: Proven Performance NSIP Ram MSU 3173
Currently the number 8 ranked ram on the Elite sire list for Carcass Plus at 167.0
Highly proven ram, siring 71 progeny in 2 flocks

15 January and February ewe lambs with NSIP Numbers all sired by trait leading rams several sired by Dry Sandy D69 the breeds current #1 carcass plus proven sire.

30 Ewes with NSIP numbers, ranging from yearlings to 4 years old. Need to make room for the next generation of industry leading genetics. Good productive ewes to jump start your performance program.

Call 402-200-0444 or email drysandysheep@gmail.com



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